The Time For LED Is Now

LED Lights Are Great For Growing Marijuana – The Cannabis Buds Are Dense and Large

LED’s for growing weed have been around for a few years now.

  • The first group of LED’s for pot came out with mixed opinions and for sure, the price was out of reach for most non commercial home growers.

    grow room

    4 x 25 foot roll of foil backed insulation

  • Even large scale operations were holding back on trying LED.
  • Their point; why fix it if it’s not broken (HID Lights) plus why spend a ton of extra dough?

Image Note: Roll of insulation makes a fast grow tent for about 38 bucks. About 5′ was cut off for the floor.

With results from many comparison grows proving their effectiveness;

  • Plants grew great with nice buds
  • While the grow room was cooler
  • Electric bill cut in half

and in a nutshell: LED’s produce much more light per watt than fluorescent or HID lighting, it was only a matter of time before lower cost manufactures became involved which did two things; It enabled low budget growers to try LED and it made the big growers stop and think about it.

It’s now possible to purchase an 800 WATT LED light for about $175.00.

Remember when a 400 WATT MH/HPS set up was around $350? (now they are about $125.00). As prices for LED’s dropped, they have been used more and numerous results from test grows are in, they grow weed as good as MH and HPS without the heat and 1/2 the energy cost. This is not a myth.

No doubt the manufactures of other 800 WATT LED lights priced in the $600 to $1200 range produce a better light but frankly, there isn’t much difference in bud size or yield using the less expensive lights from China.Dec2014 049

Pictured on the website in the sidebar on the right is an 800 WATT LED from King Manufacturing, a low cost manufacturer from China. They make lights with larger cases, higher watts with bigger footprints too.

The pictures in this page show a 300 and 600 WATT LED from Mars Hydro hanging from the ceiling enclosed in a roll of foil backed insulation. The roll makes a nice little grow room within a large room because it stands up by itself and it can be purchased at Home Depot for about 38 bucks. It’s great to use in a closest too.

Mars Hydro, another manufacturer from China also makes lower priced LED’s that have been proven to grow great weed and are also priced competitively.

For smaller home grows, the lower priced LED lights from China work great and save you a ton of money in up front cost.

But if you factor in the savings on your electric bill, it could make more sense to spend the extra money for an American made LED light which will give you a slightly broader spectrum along with brighter light from using better quality components which could result in a larger denser bud.

For example, Advanced LED makes a 350W LED using 10W CREE chips which is approximately comparable to a 600W HID light. The retail cost is around $997.00 or about $800 more than a King 800W light.

Advanced LED’s 10W CREE chips are out of this world and if the budget can afford the extravagance, it’s the light to use but the real question should be will you get $800 worth of more yield and quality while reducing growing time?

For small home grows, the cheaper LED’s from China will do the trick.

The yield, quality and time of grow cycles match HID lights without a doubt.

Add that to the total energy savings; lower electric bill as LED’s draw less power plus less energy to cool room and they also leave no thermal signature or an electric bill that stands out, it all adds up to win, win, win and win.

If you can afford $997 than by all means use the 10W CREE chip, 350W LED from Advanced LED. One outstanding feature they have is the breadth of their wavelength spectrum. It’s spectacular and should allow the bud to grow fuller and denser compared to HID or lower priced LED’s.

If you’re not sold yet on LED’s, this article wasn’t written very well so you need to further research the question; HID or LED and find another writer who can convince you that it’s time to start using LED lighting to grow your pot.